Digital Signage Solutions

The term "digital signage" describes the use of electronic display systems for communication and interaction with people in public spaces. 

By using digital signage solutions, companies can convey individual messages quickly and accurately - to inform, entertain or advertise.

Fast and targeted

Immediate provision of relevant content for specific target groups through dynamic data.

Maximum attention

Current and interactive content captivates and holds the viewer's attention.

Flexible adaptation of content in real time

Inhalte können schnell geändert werden, um auf aktuelle Ereignisse oder Bedürfnisse zu reagieren.

Several locations at the same time

Enables consistent and simultaneous communication across geographical borders.

Seamless integration

Easy integration into existing infrastructures and technologies to increase efficiency.

Environmental friendliness & cost efficiency

Verringert den Bedarf an Papier und anderen physischen Ressourcen und reduziert Druck- und Distributionskosten für Werbematerialien.

Improved customer experience

Increases customer commitment and satisfaction.

Individually customizable

Enables the customized design of content to reflect specific brand identities, campaigns or target group approaches.

Areas of application

Point-of-sale displays

Displays directly at the point of sale in retail stores, supermarkets or at checkout areas draw customers' attention to specific products or offers and encourage impulse purchases.

Digital menu boards

Digital menu boards enable a dynamic and visually appealing presentation of menus; their main advantage lies in the flexibility to quickly adapt menu content and prices, highlight seasonal offers and also offer various Up- und Cross-Sellingmöglichkeiten

Digital shop window displays

Shop window displays (semi-outdoor displays) attract the attention of passers-by with bright images and videos and defy even adverse lighting conditions such as direct sunlight.

Room & event advertisements

Enable a clear and up-to-date display of room allocations and event times, which helps to improve the organisation and orientation of visitors.

Visitor & Way Guidance Systems

Orientation aids in complex environments such as exhibition centres, airports or large office buildings; their advantage lies in improving visitor navigation through clear, easy-to-understand signage and information.

Kiosk Systems

Interactive ordering and information terminals that enable guests to order, personalise and pay for food and drinks; increasing the efficiency of the ordering process and reducing waiting times.

LED Walls

Wherever classic displays are too small or not suitable for outdoor use, the robustly developed LED panels come into play. Thanks to their high luminosity and large display size, you are guaranteed to succeed in placing advertising messages in a high-quality and targeted manner.

Corporate Communication

Displays within the company inform employees about news, events or key figures; the benefit is the promotion of effective, transparent internal communication, which increases employee loyalty and commitment.


Robust, weatherproof displays in public spaces, at entrances or in leisure centres; their advantage lies in providing easily accessible, eye-catching information and advertising content that is visible both day and night.