Our services range from consulting and project development to service level agreements - in between, we cover the entire value chain. You decide whether you need just one module or a complete end-to-end solution.

Consulting & Solution Development

With your requirements in mind, we design a comprehensive solution concept, compile the necessary product requirements and specifications and thus lay the foundation for realizing your vision.

Procurement & Logistics

With our extensive partner network, we act as your all-in-one solution and provide you with everything you need for your digital signage.

Realization & Installation

Our digital signage specialists will get your chosen solution up and running anywhere in Switzerland and, on request, internationally. We are responsible for the seamless installation, setup and integration of your digital signage solution into your existing infrastructure. 

Content Production

Content is king! Our content catches the eye and helps you achieve your communication goals. We create targeted content for all industries and every communication situation. Whether it's about reducing the feeling of waiting time, drawing attention to your advertising or delivering the desired information to your target group - we know the mechanisms that work. Whether you need a simple template or a complex video animation, we and our partners will create content that is perfectly tailored to your needs.

Content Management

To give you more time for your core business, we can take over content management at your request. We update news, share images and videos and ensure that your guests, visitors and customers are always optimally informed and entertained.


Become a MagicInfo professional. Whether you are just starting to work with MagicInfo or would like to expand your knowledge, we have the right training program for you. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Aftersales Services

To realize your vision, we need more than just a good idea - hardware and software components are also essential. Thanks to our extensive partner network in the field of digital signage, we are your all-round carefree provider. Whether you need a signage display, a wall or ceiling mount, a custom-made protective housing, a CMS license or cables of all kinds - we ensure smooth processing, first-class products, punctual delivery and all at the best prices. Do you want to dispose of existing digital signage components before or after installing the new system? We'll be happy to do that for you too.