Orlando International Airport

Monday, 6. November, 2023

A series of multimedia experiences at Orlando International Airport featuring hours of custom-created content celebrating the beauty and transformation of Central Florida, one of the world's richest ecosystems.

Digital waterfall in the new Terminal 2 | Singapore Airport

Monday, 6. November, 2023

The design of the new Changi Terminal is inspired by nature. The large digital "Oh Wow!" display is a 14 metre high and 17 metre wide LED wall called "Wonderfall" and a digital sky that adapts according to weather conditions, but also shows scenes from the sea.

LED signage on steroids in grocery shop

Friday, 27. October, 2023

From product advertising and category signage to product prices, the Food for Thought 2 grocery shop covers all areas of signage digitally on different display sizes and formats.

Cultural LED paradise at Hong Kong International Airport

Wednesday, 25. October, 2023

The Hong Kong Airport Authority has collaborated with Moment Factory to enhance key travelling moments in Terminal 1 of Hong Kong International Airport with multimedia features designed to capture the multi-faceted essence of Hong Kong.

Kennedy Entry Experience

Monday, 23. October, 2023

SNA Displays installed an approximately 280 square metre LED video screen for the entrance to the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. The free-standing LED spectacle is 9 metres high and 30 metres long with a sharp curve that offers views from all perspectives of the visitor centre entrance area.

The Man in the Clock

Wednesday, 4. October, 2023

A man can be seen painting the minutes by hand on a clock at Amsterdam airport. In reality, it is a 12-hour real-time video that is played in a loop.

First concert at Sphere

Wednesday, 4. October, 2023

U2 Achtung Baby - With or Without You - Sphere – Las Vegas – First Show – 29 September 2023

First signs of life from Sphere

Thursday, 24. August, 2023

Hello World! First spectacular images of the gigantic LED sphere construction Sphere in Las Vegas.

Samsung & ZSC Lions | Swiss Life Arena

Thursday, 23. March, 2023

The new Swiss Life Arena has been equipped with state-of-the-art and sustainable display technologies from Samsung. This includes 240 LCD displays and the largest LED video cube in an ice hockey stadium in Europe.

Burj Khalifa’s LED Show

Sunday, 23. October, 2022

Spectacular LED show on the world's tallest tower, the Burj Khalifa, daily from 6 pm to midnight.