Complete store design with shop window video wall, point-of-sale displays and corporate communication




In the course of a redesign of the Sunrise stores and to optimize the advertising impact on the outside and inside, Sunrise was looking for a system integrator to design, implement and manage an End2End solution.

Video wall shop window
Customized production and installation of 4 steles and brackets for the shop window area. Unique 1:1 layout of 4 displays with synchronized content.

Sample content "Super Days" of the video wall in German - in-house production by Sunrise

The store concept includes numerous point-of-sale display positions, including a Powertable special format 1920×540, advertising pillar and various other formats. 

LED curtain and media lounge
An LED curtain (Zurich) and Media Lounge (Basel) were also installed in the flagship stores. 

Corporate Communication
Zwecks interner Kommunikation wurden in den Mitarbeiterräumlichkeiten Digital Performance Screens installiert, welche Mitarbeiter über Neuigkeiten, Veranstaltungen oder Kennzahlen informieren; der Vorteil besteht in der Förderung einer effektiven, transparenten internen Kommunikation, die die Mitarbeiterbindung und das Engagement erhöht.

Further implementations by Signethics:

  • Create design concept for steles, brackets
  • Project coordination
  • Purchasing hardware and software
  • Pre-configuration of devices for rollout partners
  • Training rollout teams
  • Signethics IaaS for MagicInfo
  • 1st-3rd Level Support whole CH
  • Content Management