Video wall, room & event displays, point-of-sale displays




The Pathé cinema in the Mall of Switzerland is using digitalization to enhance the customer experience, boost sales figures and optimize internal processes.

Gesteigertes Kundenerlebnis
Right at the entrance to the mall - outside the actual cinema - customers are greeted by a video billboard displaying all relevant film information such as showtimes, languages and theater numbers. For better orientation, displays are placed in front of all theaters showing the film currently playing. Film trailers are played in the waiting areas in front of the auditoriums to shorten waiting times.

Increase in sales
Point-of-sale displays were used in the store area to advertise certain products and draw attention to special offers.

Process optimization
Using a local content management system (CMS), Pathé is now able to centrally control all content on all displays and update it in real time. This means that content can now be changed quickly to respond to current events or needs. Poster printing costs, hanging etc. are now all eliminated. A remote management system has also been installed so that Signethics can access the displays remotely in an emergency.

Corporate Design
It was important to Pathé that the yellow values shown on the displays matched the yellow values in their logo, so Signethics calibrated all the displays to adjust the RGB values accordingly.