1,100+ digital menu boards plus DiMeBo middleware with dynamic data transfers from internal databases




From 2015, the first McCafé restaurants were equipped with digital menu boards (DMB) by Signethics. By 2017, the DMB network had grown to more than 400 displays.

DiMeBoMiddleware with Datalink and MagicInfo
The needs of McDonalds and its pricing and offer strategy resulted in ever greater effort in content production and content management. At the end of 2017, Signethics introduced the innovative DiMeBo solution concept, which enables dynamic content visualization and massively reduces content production/management costs. The DiMeBo middleware accesses McDonald's internal data management system and generates content visualization via Datalink and MagicInfo .

Implementated by Signethics 

  • Development of new content processes
  • Development of the DiMeBo solution and merger with MagicInfo and Datalink
  • Signethics IaaS DiMeBo solution
  • Consulting McDonalds for display layouts and integration
  • Project coordination
  • Procurement and logistics
  • Staging and implementation guidelines defined
  • Rollout team trained
  • Pre-configuration of devices for rollout partners
  • Remote Approval und Asset Management
  • Content Creative Consulting
  • Content Management
  • End user training
  • SLA 3rd Level Support