Point-of-sale displays, shop window displays and interactive remote control




Signethics is a long-standing communication partner of Salt and supplies the individual branches with hardware, advises on the implementation of marketing campaigns and developed an interactive remote control.

Digital shop window displays
The bright (semi-outdoor) displays attract the attention of passers-by with their vibrant images and videos and defy even adverse lighting conditions such as direct sunlight.

Point-of-Sale Displays 
Various point-of-sale (PoS) displays draw customers' attention to specific products or offers and encourage impulse purchases.

Interactive remote control
To improve the customer/employee experience, Salt was looking for a solution for the POS displays with the dual function of Salt TV demonstration and separate marketing campaigns, as manual source switching using the display remote control was too time-consuming and problematic. Signethics built a remote control holder with an integrated sensor that automatically switches the source output in the display via MagicInfo when the Salt TV remote control is removed. 

«Signethics has been our partner in the field of digital communication for several years. During this time, various projects have been realized that have always met our needs. Many thanks for the professional implementation and support. We look forward to continuing our collaboration.»

Fabian Fattore, Senior Project Manager