Sunrise - Complete digital signage store equipment

Signethics is a proud digital signage partner of Sunrise and has been working closely with the communications company since 2016.
Published on November 30, 2023
Sunrise Shop an der Greifengasse in Basel – Komplette Digital Signage Shopausstattung. Point-of-Sale Display auf Island Tisch. Digitale Beschilderung wird bei Sunrise gross geschrieben!

As part of the redesign of the stores and to optimize the advertising impact both externally and internally, Sunrise was looking for a system integrator in 2016 to design, implement and manage a digital signage end-to-end solution. 

Design concept shop window steles & PoS mounts

Based on the desired layout for the video wall in the form of a windmill in the shop window area, Signethics created the pillar designs and custom-made them from metal. Sunrise wanted the construction to attract the attention of passers-by while still appearing transparent to ensure a view into the store interior. Due to the different shop window sizes in the numerous Sunrise stores, the steles were designed for 3 different display sizes (24", 32" and 36"). 

With regard to the point-of-sale (PoS) display positions within a store, the brackets were chosen so that they are as invisible as possible and at the same time allow the displays to be easily removed for servicing.

Digital Signage Point-of-Sale Videowand in Verkaufsladen Sunrise. Diese digitale Beschilderung oder Video Wall wird Unterstützt mit MagicInfo zur Remotesteuerung und -management.
Wind turbine video wall in the shop window area with transparent center area

Staging & rollout of the displays

For the ten-week rollout phase in 2017, Signethics staged (pre-programmed and calibrated) over 800 displays for the shop window, Surftable and Brandwall positions so that they could then be installed by the rollout teams trained by Signethics. Signethics then remotely activated the devices via MagicInfo and assigned them to the correct stores. During this rollout, over 800 displays were efficiently installed and put into operation in over 70 stores.
Stretch PoS-Display (1920x540px) on Surftable

MagicInfo IaaS & Support

For the central management and display of content in all stores, Signethics installed and operates a MagicInfo IaaS system. This powerful cloud content management system (CMS) enables centralized content management and content control without an on-site server infrastructure.

The content itself is produced by Sunrise, but Signethics carries out the quality control of the content (correct video formats, aspect ratios, etc.) as part of a content management service and creates the playlists and schedules

As part of a service level agreement, Signethics also takes over all remote and online support and is responsible for the complete functionality of all digital signage devices and content.

Development until 2023

To date, various new PoS display locations have been realized within the stores (Project Zero, advertising pillar, LED curtain, Media Lounge). In addition to new stores, the Sunrise headquarters in the Ambassadorhaus in Zurich Opfikon was also equipped with a personnel information system and the JIC (Joint Innovation Center; 5G showroom in collaboration with Huawei). In addition, Signethics supplies and manages the digital signage for numerous Sunrise partner stores and the Sunrise subsidiary Yallo. In total, over 1,100 displays are currently in operation for Sunrise in almost 100 locations.
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